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Interneto svetainė vaikų darželiui vilniuje 'Ademilis'

Website for a kindengarted in Vilnius "Ademilis"

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  • 09 January 2016
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A responsive website for a kingergarten in Vilnius, Zverynas  -

The main illustrated element of this website  - a fly. As requested by a client a playful fly illustration was designed and used in all pages of the website. This element creates nice decorations and childishness.

This project was powered using Joomla content managament system (CMS), which allows fast and very simple real time content edit in frontend. Moreover, this TVS helps for the kindergarted administration to manage all secured data.

Also, the website visitors number was increased using search engine optimization (SEO) and a responsive design allows them all to view the website pages in any screen size devices.

Check this project online by clicking on the link below.